Old Papers (pre PMC)

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Genes Dev. 2006 Mar 15;20(6):660-5.[Download PDF file] [Supplemental Data]

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Nrd1 interacts with the nuclear exosome for 3' processing of RNA polymerase II transcripts.
Mol Cell. 2006 Jan 20;21(2):239-48. [Download PDF file] [Supplemental Data] [Nrd1-TAP Mass Spec Data]



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Cell 123, 593-605 (2005) [Download PDF file]

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Expression and silencing coupled
Nature 435, 1174-1175 (2005) [Download PDF file]

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EMBO Journal 24, 2150-2160 (2005) [Download PDF file] [Download Supplemental Table 1] [Download Supplemental Table 2]



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Nature 432, 517-522 (2004) [Download PDF file] [Supplemental Figures] [Supplemental Table 1]

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Mol. Cell. Biol. 23, 4207-4218 (2003) [Download PDF file]

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J. Biol. Chem. 278, 14174-14184 (2003) [Download PDF file] [Supplementary Tables - oligonucleotides, plasmids, and yeast strains]

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Mol. Cell 11, 353-363 (2003) [Download PDF file]



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Euk. Cell 1, 448-457 (2002) [Download PDF file]

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Mol. Cell. Biol. 22, 1288-1297 (2002) [Download PDF file]



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Nat Struct Biol. 8, 695-700 (2001) [Download PDF file] [Correction to article]



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Mol. Cell. Biol. 20, 104-112 (2000) [Download PDF file]

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TFIID-specific yeast TAF40 is essential for the majority of RNA polymerase II-mediated transcription in vivo
Genes Dev. 13, 2484-2489 (1999) [Download PDF file]

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Genes & Dev. 12, 343-356 (1998).[Download PDF file]

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[Download PDF file]

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