DNA sequencing

Normal Sanger sequencing is through Biopolymers facility (account and password available from Robin or Steve):


All the information about template/primer preparation, the order sheet, etc is at the link above. The main difference from the earlier procedure is that you combine your plasmid and primer into one tube.  Note that if you give them 30 ul instead of 15ul, they will do a free re-sequence if necessary.  You can now leave your samples in the same freezer down the hall that we used before. I assume they pick up every day, but if not you can instead take samples over to NRB (see website for information).

Just like we did before, after you fill out the sheet on the website, please remember to print out a copy for Robin’s files.  Let Steve or Robin know if you have any questions or problems. 

For high-throughput genomic sequencing (ChIP-seq, etc) we are using the Bauer Center at Harvard in Cambridge. Please talk to Steve about how to access our account.