Lab Members

Steve Buratowski
Principal Investigator

Steve got his undergraduate degree summa cum laude from Princeton University and his PhD thesis on the RNA polymerase II initiation complex was done in the lab of Phil Sharp at MIT.  He then started his own lab as a Fellow at the Whitehead Institute.  In 1994 he moved to Harvard Medical School, where he has been a full professor since 2002.

Hyun Jin Bae
Postdoctoral Fellow

Hyun Jin did his PhD at Catholic University in South Korea, and is supported by a fellowship from the Korea National Research Foundation. He is interested in developing mass spectrometry methods to analyze patterns of CTD phosphorylation, and how the CTD interacts with histone modifying enzymes.

Inwha Baek
Graduate Student

Inwha is PhD student in the BBS program at Harvard Medical School. Her undergraduate degree is from Seoul National University. She is using single molecule microscopy to study transcription.

Robin Buratowski
Lab Manager

Robin did her undergraduate studies at Johns Hopkins, and earned her PhD from MIT where she studied learning and memory in Drosophila.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Jongcheol did his PhD at KAIST, working on the histone methyltransferase complex COMPASS.

Yoo Jin Joo
Postdoctoral Fellow

Yoo Jin did his PhD work at Korea University where he studied gene expression in yeast, a topic he continues to pursue at Harvard. His current project involves proteomic analysis of RNA polymerase II transcription complexes.

Hogyu David Seo
Postdoctoral Fellow

David did his PhD at KAIST, working on interactions between the proteasome and gene expression. 

Adam Volanakis
Postdoctoral Fellow

Adam is from Greece and studied at the University of Crete. He then moved to Oxford University, where he did his Master's degree with (former Buratowski lab member) Lidia Vasilieva and his PhD with Nick Proudfoot.  In the Buratowski lab he is using single molecule microscopy to study transcription elongation and termination. Adam is supported by and EMBO Long Term Fellowship.