The Buratowski Lab: Mechanisms of Gene Expression

Lab 2022


The Buratowski lab studies mechanisms of eukaryotic gene expression, focusing on RNA polymerase II transcription initiation, elongation, and termination, as well as the co-transcriptional processing of mRNA.  We use a wide array of approaches, including classic molecular genetics, genomics, protein biochemistry, mass spectrometry, and single molecule microscopy.  

Current projects include:

  • Coupling of mRNA processing to transcription via phosphorylation of the RNA polymerase II C-terminal domain (CTD)

  • The interplay between transcription and chromatin modifications, especially methylations of histone H3

  • The role of overlapping non-coding RNA transcription in modifying mRNA expression

  • The proteomics of transcription initiation and elongation (in collaboration with Jarrod Marto, DFCI/HMS)

  • Single molecule studies of RNA polymerase II transcription (in collaboration with Jeff Gelles, Brandeis University)





Video: Steve gives a history of the Buratowski Lab at the Lab Reunion Symposium celebrating 30 years at Harvard Medical School.

Lab Reunion Photo


Video: Steve presents the lab's single molecule microscopy studies of transcription at the Fragile Nucleosome online series. January 2022.


Steve at Fragile Nucleosome


Video: Steve talks about the lab's research on gene expression at the 2014 Cold Spring Harbor Lab meeting on the history of mRNA research.

Steve speaking at CSHL


Video: A movie celebrating many years of Robin's cakes for lab birthdays, graduations, etc.!